From cupboard to snack,
beat the hunger attack.

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We all love food, right? However, sometimes it's a real chore just deciding what to eat, never mind then having to make it.

This is where Munchies can help. Simply pick the ingredients that you have in your kitchen and let Munchies show you what you can make.

All recipes have been carefully selected to be simple and quick to make snacks or easy meals - so lengthy recipes have not been included.


The great thing about making a meal from scratch is that you know for sure exactly what went into it. Freshly made meals also taste so much better than processed ones. Maybe Munchies can help you to eat a little healthier, as well as enjoying great tasting food. That is something that would warm our hearts.

Look out for new ingredients and recipes being made available in the future!

Quick & Easy

Munchies does not include every possible ingredient but rather a selection of ingredients that are relatively common and lend themselves to recipes that can be prepared quickly.

Munchies - for those of us who don't want to be a master chef but do want back the time to be masters of everything else.

What You Have = What You Make

Turn the ingredients you already have
into a delicious snack.

Munchies will search its database, of quick and easy meals, and let you know what you can make right now. Without encountering the problem of missing ingredients.

Crop of cupboard filled with ingredients.
Recipe page.

300+ Recipes

All in your portable recipe book.

Recipes are clearly displayed with ingredients and step-by-step instructions. Quantities for ingredients can either be displayed in grams or cups.

We All Have Favourites

Marking your favourites is easy.

Simply tap on the 'bookmark' icon to mark a recipe as a 'favourite'. Then it can be found, along with all your other favourites, on the 'Favourites' screen.

Favourites bookmark.
Shopping list.

Shopping List

When a trip to the shops is unavoidable.

The paid version of Munchies also includes a Shopping List.
You can send ingredients through from a chosen recipe, add your own ingredients, send the shopping list via email, reorder the list and cross-off items as you go.

Visuals Stronger Than Words

Custom icons designed especially for Munchies.

Munchies uses beautiful icons to represent all of its ingredients. Each designed to help you visualise your ingredients and quickly let you know what you have to hand.

Ingredient icons.
iOS devices displaying Munchies.

Spread The Love

Munchies is a universal app.
Use it on any of your iOS devices - iOS 5 and above.

Enjoy Munchies how you would like. Munchies is either free - supported by ads - or you can make a simple in-app purchase to remove the ads and gain access to the Shopping List as well.